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Monday, November 24, 2014

I Love Half Price Books

To me, there is nothing better than a misty, cold day on my day off because that means it's perfectly acceptable to stay in and curl up with a good book.

Of course, there is also the great sunny, bright days when going out and reading is a good option.

Or the sunny, cold day where reading an entire book in a coffee shop is totally acceptable.

I think you get my drift: I love reading.

I visit the library no less than once a week for a new book, DVD, or CD to check out. But there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than picking a book to BUY.

There are tons of places to buy books: Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, WalMart, Target, etc. but my all time favorite is the Half Price Books on Broadway.

This two-story ancient store is not only the closest but it's the dearest to my heart.

It's a little tricky getting to, especially with the construction going on there right now but it's totally worth it. You go in what is essentially the back of the building but the front of the store.

Right away you'll see what must have once been an old house converted to a store that sells used books, comics, DVDs, video games, albums, and CDs.

It smells old and creaky, with just a hint of the sickly delicious scent of old, mildewy pages.

The first level has DVDs, CDs, albums, cooking, film & theater, hobbies, and all of your fiction (children, teen, adult), as well as stationary and some video games.

I can easily spend an hour on the bottom level alone but what makes this store even better is the creaky staircase that leads upstairs to the art, photography, travel, and self-help sections. Even with the lightest tread you can hear people thunder up and down the narrow stairwell in search of more great deals.

On Sunday, they had a great 50% off deal that I just had to get on. John came with me and we scoured the entire store. He had never even been upstairs before! Though I wanted all of the books (and a half) I settled on a cookbook called One Pot Meals.

John settled on a pizza chopper. That's right. Not pizza cutter.

A pizza chopper. 

The only way the store could get any better was if they hired me.

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