San Antonio Riverwalk Barge Tour

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

San Antonio is pretty well-known for our Riverwalk. During Christmas it can be really beautiful.

Other times it's kind of sad, as Mark Cuban likes to point out every time he can.

But when it's not being drained for cleaning purposes, the Riverwalk can be a fun place provided you don't mind walking slowly behind tourists, paying for expensive mediocre restaurants, or fear getting too close to the edge and falling in.

Wanting to do something fun on Monday, John and I decided to head down and do a barge ride.

We saw a lot of ducks, streets, and back of heads.

Oops that last one is my head. 

But we did pass by my old-job stomping grounds, where I was an usher for a whole month.

Aztec Theater

Except that when I used to work there it was for an old country band. Now it's trying to be another concert venue, which I can totally get behind. It's pretty gorgeous inside.

And we got this cool picture from the Lila Cockrell/Convention Center.

I had never been on the barge tour before and it was pretty fun. It's something else I get to cross off my bucket list for now.

I bet it looks a lot better to tourists though; I think I'm just a bit jaded on the whole thing.

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