German Pils - Pinkus Ur Pils

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

German Pils
Link up here: The Hungry Goat

I've mentioned before that I am loving the new blog group I joined, The Blogging Elite. There have been so many people with all different kinds of blogs, all of whom have been really friendly and nice. It was from TBE that I discovered, Katie's blog, The Hungry Goat (which you should totally check out). She and Mariah from Food, Booze, and Baggage decided to start a bi-weekly BEER LINK UP.

Yeah, that's right. Beer. In the name of science. 

I like beer but I definitely don't know everything about it. Or even that much about it. Thus, I joined the link up. Besides getting to drink all the time, I would actually be able to learn about different kinds of beers, fermentation styles, flavor notes, and I'd finally be able to answer the age old question: Which beer is your favorite? 

It sounded like so much fun that I asked John to join me on this beer guzzling journey. He agreed and I'm hoping that next time we'll be able to vlog our tasting experience instead of just writing about it.

So without further ado: the first beer - German Pilsner. 

I think I've mentioned our super fancy HEB store before. It's usually referred to as GucchiB (or as John and I like to call it DouchieB). They have tons of high class, organic, free-range, whatever stuff so we knew it would be the perfect place to find what we needed. Plus, they sell tons of beers in singles which is perfect when you're not sure you're going to be liking what you get.

I had pulled up a list of beers from Beer Advocate but looked like an idiot standing in front of the beer aisle not being able to locate anything so eventually John told me to just ask the Beer Guy. He was actually really helpful and pointed me in the direction of...

Pinkus - UR Pils.

Pinkus Ur Pils

Yup, that's right. This is organic! Weird! For those that care it was 3.50.

UR Pils smells really sweet with a hint of hops. You can smell it as soon as you open the bottle. Upon pouring we found that it was light, clear, and had little head. It was crisp and light but with a definite hop flavor. I could see eating seafood with it. A salad, something light.

I called it boring but John didn't think so. And I guess it's true that it wasn't boring but it just wasn't that good. John said that it tasted like a better version of Budweiser and he was right. After some Googling we discovered that Budweiser is an American pilsner. So they're kinda the same but different.

It definitely has more flavor than Budweiser but it wasn't amazingly good, even for organic. If we were at a bar and we could get a Bud for 1$ or Pinkus for 3$ - we'd both stick to the cheap stuff because the flavor just isn't that great to compensate for the higher price.

When we go out we tend to drink darker beer, so we're thinking that it's just a flavor preference for us. The beer itself isn't bad, we'd just rather have different flavors.

Hopefully soon, we'll be able to tell you just what those different flavors are.

But it was really fun to sit there and actually sniff the bottle, taste the flavors, and try to put names to them. It was fun drinking to actually see, if and what we like, as opposed to just drinking it to get drunk or without much thought.

I'm already in love with this link up and can't wait to try more beer. This will also give us an excuse to go to some growler stations that've popped up but that we haven't visited. Also, I see us crossing off some beer brewery tours and I think soon I'll learn Beer Guy's actual name.

So as the Germans say: Zum Wohl!! (Bottoms up!)

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  1. I thought the German pilsner we had was a bit boring as well! After a few years of extensive beer drinking I can finally say what is my favorite but if anyone started asking why or what is similiar I would probably be stumped!

  2. Isn't it so fun learning about the actual words to describe what you're tasting!? I was on the phone with my dad pretty much the whole time being like, so what this? (He's a beer judge.) I'm sorry you didn't like this one but that's what this whole thing is for!

    Your HEB must be much nicer than my HEB. Are you TX? I'm in Austin! Thank you so much for joining us! I'm glad you're so excited about it!


  3. Yay!! I'm so glad you are joining us and even got the Mr. involved!! A vlog would be SO fun! The next style should be more up your alley if you drink darker beers. Thanks for joining us!

  4. Oh yeah! I saw this link-up and was like...we're doing it. I'm excited for the stouts. I never used like them but I do now. I'm actually excited for all of the beers!

  5. Yeah I'm from San Antonio. It's just that one HEB that's super fancy. Our closest one is just normal and mostly full of Bud Light. I didn't even mind not liking it that much. It was just fun to taste and to read up on it.

  6. Yeah I know my favorite brands of beer are but I don't know what they have in common or what it is I like about them exactly. It's so much fun to be able to learn something about it.