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Sunday, March 09, 2014

I'm pretty addicted to Pinterest. I think it's amazing. It's basically a virtual bookmarking system and I don't know why guys haven't gravitated to it as much but whatever. 

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1. What is your favorite outfit pin?
Pinterest has actually made it super easy to see what kind of style I want. I'm trying to buy more things that I am truly in love with and will wear more often than not. Trying to pick just one is hard because most of what I pin are separates but here is one I really love.

In true Pinterest fashion, the link doesn't work but that dress is beautiful!

2. What is your favorite food pin?
I've made a few things I've discovered on Pinterest but I've probably tweaked them in some way. 

These were the best when I made them. 

And for dessert the best is:
From PBS

3. What is your favorite wedding pin?
I love books and I can't get behind spending so much on flowers that will wilt at the end of the day, so this paper flower bouquet is not only gorgeous - it's functional. 
From Eat, Drink, and Be Married

4. What is your favorite DIY/craft pin?
So...I have a ton of these pins and I've probably only ever done two...if that. I love to pin them and then they get lost in the shuffle. 

You can buy this off of Etsy.
I ended up doing my own version of this. I used Batman for me and I made John a Superman one. 

5. What is your favorite quote/verse/lyric pin?

And one for funsies. 

6. Share one more random pin you love.

You're welcome. 

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