High School Memory # 1

Monday, March 03, 2014

Doing the Sunday Social about high school got me to thinking about some high school memories I am actually fond of. Though I was a moody bitch then (still am) I know that there were some good times and people there and just because we don't talk now, doesn't mean that they were/are any less important to my past.

So the first memory that comes to mind is my senior economy teacher, Lemmon. He was a nice guy, funny, played around with the students and hardly ever got mad.

An artist rendition. 

Once, coming into his classroom I had my headphones in and my MP3 player on. I took the headphones off, turned the player off but left it on the corner of my desk. I had forgotten about the "No iPod" rule, that said even if you weren't listening to it but it was out he'd take it up. While passing by my desk he saw it, took it and said I would be able to get it after class. I had him the last class of the day so it wasn't that big a deal. But when class ended I completely forgot to pick it up.

So, fast forward to the next day. I'm in my first period, Physics, dozing off as usual when a student worker comes in and hands me a grocery bag with a yellow Post It note with my name on it. I was seriously confused because my mother wasn't one to bring me a forgotten lunch. I opened the bag and found my MP3 player and a brand new set of headphones with a note attached.

My old "defective" headphones weren't defective so much as falling apart. I had used electrical tape to hold them together. One ear-bud didn't even work anymore. He must have seen the state of them and either really had some "lying around" or bought me some new ones. Either way, it was very kind of him and to this day I still have that Post It note.

Sometimes there are some truly horrible teachers. Some don't give a shit about you, but some, some were meant to be teachers and enjoy the gratification teaching kids/teens brings. I realized then that a simple act, even something like this, unasked for, can be a great joy and make you feel special.

I thanked him for them that afternoon and used them until they wore out.

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