To Be or Not to Be?

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Yesterday, John and I went to Shakespeare in the Park at the Botanical Gardens.

This year they performed A Midsummer Night's Dream.


It was balls hot when we got there but we parked ourselves on a blanket (under some shade) and when the wind did blow a bit it didn't feel too bad. 

We definitely had the best blanket there. 

Then we took cute pictures. 

Actually, we only took one cute picture. We are both very unphotogenic so we don't mess with fate. I then proceeded to hipster-ize it with my phone app. 

About an hour later the play started. Since we didn't have chairs and were on the ground it was kind of hard to see the stage and we weren't really close to the speakers. Then there's the whole Shakespearean thing and by that I mean....we don't understand it. So we left after about 20 minutes. 

You know, like the uncultured swine we are. 

But it was definitely a fun experience. I would like to go to their Concerts Under the Stars because that seems more interesting and I won't have to translate old English into you know, normal English. 

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