I Love Taking Pictures

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Love Taking Pictures

John and I just bought a new computer so I was going through some of my old photos. These are some of my favorite. Hopefully they will not only brighten your day but make you think I am more than just a bitter, angry old lady.

Westminster College. I stayed here one year & I still owe them money. 

He was a nice man who helped me and my group on a video project.
Vegas vacation with my LifePartner (friend) Ari.

Some formation in Nevada while roadtripping with Ari. 


Waterfall lake thing at Red Butte Gardens in Utah. 

American Windchime.

And this last picture is more for reminiscing. This is the only picture on this entry that I did not take but it is the only picture (I think in existence) of John and me before we were really John and me.

Worst picture of us. EVER. The world laughs at our misfortune. 

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