One Way or Another: MeMeMe

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I know I’m a bit late to the party but recently I was thinking about my generation thanks to all the hoopla an article entitled, The MEMEME Generation: Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissist who still live with their parents by Joel Stein.
Time Magazine

I am a millennial and therefore was too lazy to download the full article to read. Haha! Just kidding I’m a post college student and couldn't bare spending the 5$ to read the full of BS article. I did read a lot of reactions and responses to the article though, those are definitely worth your time: here, here, and here

Our generation is unlike any before it in that we don’t quite know how to proceed from here. Back in the day having a house and a family was the American dream. 


What about now? I've never wanted kids and a house is a looong way down the road, if ever. 

Is Stein saying that by living with our parents kids my age are failures? With tuition rates the highest they've ever been and college loans through the roof would it be wise for us to go out and live on our own simply because living with our parents is somehow seen as "childish"? 

Maybe Stein and all the other older people before him should stop labeling us and telling us what is seen as childish, lazy and adult. I mean, we millennials were around for that housing market crash a few years ago and yet not old enough to participate. Maybe if you didn't worry so much about what people think of you we wouldn't be facing the repercussions today.

Of course every generation is a MEMEME generation. Just because I want a good job for ME, or want a house for ME doesn't mean that I don't care about the people around me. If I didn't care about ME how would I be able to care about anyone else? I want the best for ME because in the future I'm going to be the one making decisions for not only myself but everyone else when it comes time to vote.

I think one of the main problems is the fact that people like Stein (and his followers I'm not specifically picking on him) think that we need to be labeled according to some sort of scale. I don’t have a bachelor’s degree (-1?) but I do have a full-time job (+1?). Am I less lazy, more grown-up than my friend who does have that diploma hanging on their wall (+1?) but is slaving away at a restaurant for tips (-1?)? I don’t live with my parents anymore (+1?) but paying all those bills seems to be getting harder and harder to do (-1?).  

Which one of the people in the scenario are lazy, entitled narcissist? It seems to me that we're all just trying to get by without ending up thousands in debt, and ensuring we have food at every meal.Why does it seem that our generation is particularly narcissistic? Well maybe it has to do with the fact that we are in a limbo of sorts: too old for high school, too young for jobs that require 3-5 years experience. This in-between time where we are trying to figure out what is not only right for US but will let us live a somewhat stable life is very important. We have to worry about our retirement years since Social Security will run out by the time I even get to think about it. We have to worry about finding jobs with insurance plans. We have to worry about saving enough money for emergencies while still paying off student loans. We have to worry about how we're going to fix the state of the world we live in to make it better not only for us but for those who come after it.

So yes, we are a narcissistic generation just like every other generation before us. But I think that because we've seen firsthand the housing market crash, the Wall Street greed, PRISM, we understand that we can make a difference. And I think that once you old-timers finally move over and let us take the reins we'll make better choices for everyone not just ourselves.


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