Bitchin' About: Cyclists

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Recently, San Antonio started this new bicycle program called B-Cycle. You rent out one of the city's bikes at a station and ride it around downtown where you then return it to another bike station close by. I love the idea of it even though I hardly ever hangout downtown and despite the fact that I haven't ridden a bike in years.

Ricardo B. Brazziell

The thing I'm not so fond of about the program? The people on the bikes.

This is only cute in movies. Not in the middle of the road. Via.

I understand that cycling is a healthy way of life, doesn't run on gas thus saving you money and the environment.

What I don't understand are the people who ride their bikes on the road and
1.) Don't follow the rules
2.) Are assholes.

Usually they are one and the same. I get that you have just as much of a right to ride on the street but not all of downtown has bike lanes yet so you getting as close to the curb as you can would be great.

Also, I get that you're riding around with your friends and you want to laugh and chat or whatever but don't ride SIDE BY SIDE! You're on a bike! You are going a lot slower than my car. Also, if I were to hit you with my'd die. I wouldn't. When people drive places in multiple cars they drive in a single file. They do NOT get on the highway and drive side by side. Why? Because that would just be stupid. You're just being street-greedy.

When you are on your bike you are able to make quick turns, weave in and out of traffic better than a two ton car. Why? Because you and your bike weigh significantly less. The funny thing is though, you ride with traffic therefore you must obey traffic laws.

You cannot just decide at the last minute that your'e going to turn right even though you're in the left lane. Yes, physically you can do it but the problem is my car cannot stop as quickly as your cute little hipster bike. If you decide at the last minute to swerve and get in front of me then I'm going to slam into you with my 2,000 pound car and guess which one of us is more likely to die. Hint: not me.


Working downtown means I encounter a lot more cyclists there than around my apartment. But there are many by my parent's house. Those are usually the hardcore cyclists with their tiny bike shorts, aerodynamic helmets, and polarized sunglasses. They do not seem to be such big dbags as the millions of hipsters riding around downtown.


The people who run lights, hog the street, ride in long lines beside their friends make me hate everyone pedaling two wheels. And that's just not fair to the other people following the rules of the road.

It's really not that hard to ride kindly. Hell, those rules are made for YOUR SAFETY!


So don't B a D, ok?

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