The Name is Valerie, Darling

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I've never been one to pour my heart out via the interwebz. Call me paranoid but I'm scared of having one of my more embarrassing moments turned into a viral video a la Numa Numa.

Even though that video brings me happiness every time I watch it so really it's all for the good of humanity.

But seeing as I've already said quite a bit about my life I figured I should give you a background.

Firstly, my name is Valerie Darling. I am the Seven Year Bitch though people who know me are probably like "You've been a bitch far longer than seven years", which is

1.) True.
2.) Rude.

However, the play on words comes from my love of all things cinema and all things old-school.

The Seven Year Itch.

Though I'm not a huge Marilyn Monroe fan so maybe the phase "all things" is a little too encompassing.

Currently, I live in San Antonio, Texas but I reside permanently in my head. I think too much, worry too much and try to do too much which is how I end up doing nothing at all.


It's a coping mechanism.

If I were to be living my dream job I would be RETIRED on a beach somewhere. Or more likely sitting at home in the dark having random Netflix marathons and would weigh about a 1,000 pounds because I don't really like the beach, or the sun, or myself in a bathing suit.

But because my parents are not super rich and therefore did not give me a multi-million dollar trust when I turned 18, I currently work at a TV station enriching the lives of the young and the old. Oh yeah, and of course, myself.

I live with my boyfriend, John and love every minute of it.

He, unlike anyone else, seems to be the only person who can calm down my overactive mind and also has the ability to deflate my head when it gets too big to fit through the door jamb. I've know him for what feels like forever and a day but really we met in high school. Our story is one of the Harry Potter variety in that it would take seven volumes to adequately cover. But for those who like a love story I'm working on stay tuned?

I originally started this blog to work on my writing and rant. I rant a lot so I figured I should not bother John with them anymore. The intention was good but I still rant to John on a daily basis. So then this blog became a way of working on my writing and keeping track of what was going on in my life and a way to pass the time when I worked overnight.

Now I don't really know what it is. Maybe it'll turn more into a daily-life type blog. Or maybe I'll find more things to bitch about. Whatever it is I hope you enjoy!

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