Firsts Friday - First Job

Friday, November 06, 2015

When I was 17 years old I decided that I needed a part-time job to make some money. I wasn't a party kid so what I needed the money for is lost on me now. Books probably. But anyway I decided that I needed to get a job to get away from my parents, learn some responsibilities, and earn some cold-hard cash.

Of course when you're 17 you're not going to be the CEO of some internet website. You're going to be working in retail or in the restaurant biz. I ended up working at a seafood restaurant called Barnacle Bill's. The chain has since closed down which means I don't have any pictures to show you (thank god).

I honestly don't even remember what my job title was. But I basically put the sides on the plate. Fridays were our busy nights. I remember being so overwhelmed sometimes and not even caring if I accidentally missed a ticket or two.

Because Fridays were so busy I remember how sometimes we'd have to stay late on Thursday to peel shrimp. Yes. Peel shrimp. We'd all go hang out around a big trash can and peel shrimp until we had enough pounds of it ready to go for the rush the next day.

Even though the job wasn't horrrrible, I try to forget about it. I didn't make any friends, I never really use what I learned and overall I just don't ever admit to having worked there.

So what was your first job? Or for those who still haven't had one, what do you wish your first job would be? Join in on the fun and link up!

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