Thanks Giving

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Since I'm currently jobless at the moment, I have the fact that I can spend the entire holiday with various family as a reason for thanks.

Some other things I've thankful for this year include:

  • Still being able to pay rent and bills! 
  • The fact that we adopted Lana Lane into our home. 
  • I started school again and my first semester is almost over. 
  • I've made some new friends. 
  • John's still stuck by my side for another year. 
  • Scientist said that carbs are the key to a long life (just kidding!)

I hope you're having a good Thanksgiving or just a good Thursday. Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving there's always time to give thanks. So, what are you thankful for? Also, what's your favorite recipe for this holiday season? I need more in my repertoire. 

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