Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm sure you've heard of the term "friendzone" by now. It's become quite a popular word in today's lexicon.

I've gotten pretty sick of this word and its many memes. It's basically guys complaining about how girls they like, don't like them back in that way.

This irrationally upsets guys for some reason.

I guess it's because they've put so much time and effort into actually being a good friend and even after ALL THAT, they get absolutely nothing out of it.

I mean, you would think the least she could do IS GIVE HIM A BLOWIE, right?

Uh. Hell No.

Women DO NOT owe you anything. If you're being nice and helping her out and doing whatever for her - that's your decision. I'm going to let you in on a little secret,


But, if you want to - that's great. It means you're a good person. Caring, kind, compassionate.

But that does not apply if you're expecting sexual favors in return. What is nice about only doing something for the results you expect to get in return?


So you can stop that shit about "I'm such a good guy."

Which also begs the question: What makes you think it's your manners that turn her off? I'm sure that you have a myriad of other personality traits that she doesn't like. Maybe it's the way you talk back to your mother. The way you don't pay your fair share of rent. The way you say you're going to do something and then don't. You think that the ONLY reason she doesn't like you is because she'd rather have a "bad" boy?

Pst. Please.

I also don't quite understand where the word comes from.

If you were both friends with each other and then you eventually liked her, well into the friendship, then you're in exactly the same place as before - both friends.

If, however, you went in wanting sex, but didn't tell her - then you're the one who's being untruthful.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to talk to a girl to see if you two are compatible. But it's super helpful if the girl in question knows what's up. Especially if the girl can tell you from day one that she isn't interested.

To go into a friendship, expecting a relationship is just plain stupid.

I'd also like to address the double standard and stereotype of the whole unrequited love thing. Why is it in movies & TV shows that girls are always crying hysterically when the guy doesn't like her and the guy's like "Whatever, next bitch!"  This whole friendzone thing is the equivalent to ugly crying in your pillow at night while eating ice cream straight from the tub. But I guess it's just somehow more "manly" to bitch about it when you've got a penis swinging.

Here are some people who know what's up when it comes to the whole friendzone thing.

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