Peach Crisp

Monday, June 02, 2014

Both John and I were off on Memorial Day so my parents invited us over to eat. They were going to cook but I wanted to make dessert.

Now, I guess it's time I mention my love for Martha Stewart. I watch Martha Stewart's Cooking School as well as Martha Bakes just about every weekend and every weekend I want to cook something crazy. 

At first I started watching to learn recipes and easy tricks for separating yolks or whatever but now I watch because Ms Martha takes small jabs at us, her lowly viewers. 

Which is when the hilarity ensues. Like, whenever she uses eggs (and she uses them a LOT in the baking program) she's like I got my eggs from chickens outside but I guess you can use store bought eggs.

Ouch Martha! I'm sorry I don't have time to raise chickens in my backyard! I know that my pie will taste a million times better if only I had organically fresh-laid chicken eggs! 

Or when she uses things like saffron for her mayonnaise. I'm sorry but do you know how much saffron costs? I'm not using that in my mayonnaise for a one-time dish. If I buy saffron it's going in an air-tight container and will prominently be displayed somewhere so people know that I finally won the lottery.  

She also uses like a million types of salt: Himalayan salt, kosher salt, sea salt, pink salt, flake salt, smoked salt, whatever. So I feel pretty bad when I have to bust out my Morton salt that's probably been sitting around for years. 

Neither me or the Morton salt girl are good enough for Martha. 

But besides (and probably because of) Martha's little sad jabs I love watching her make food and desserts. She makes the craziest things look really easy like a Crown Roast of Pork. I don't even really like pork! But damn if I didn't want to leave work right then and there and don an apron. 

Anyway I saw Martha make a Blueberry Crisp on her show and I decided that I would tweak that recipe and make a peach crisp to take my parent's house. 

Via PBS 

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, except of course I subbed the blueberries for peaches. I also used a 10 inch baking dish which meant that not all of the crisp covered the peaches completely. 

First I cut all the peaches. I used about 2 pounds.

Then I made the really easy crisp mix. Seriously, it's super easy and really delicious. This recipe is amazing.

Then you put the peaches and the crisp in your baking dish and bake it. 

I think I ended up baking mine about 15 minutes longer but I also turned down the oven by 25 degrees. 

The recipe was perfect. You can substitute any number of other fruits for the bottom but we all really liked the peach version. 

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