Let the Sky Fall - By Shannon Messenger

Friday, June 27, 2014

Let the Sky Fall

Let the Sky Fall
Author: Shannon Messenger
Published by: Simon Pulse

Ok, first thing's first: Let's get this outta the way.

Now that you've sung to your heart's content let's get to the nitty gritty of the book.

Let the Sky Fall, centers around Vane Weston, survivor of a terrible tornado that killed both of his parents when he was 7. Years later, Vane's living a happy life with his adoptive parents not knowing that there is something different about him. He's just trying to be normal - hang out with friends, go out on dates, and trying to forget about the dark-haired girl he dreams about every night. When the girl from his dreams shows up in real life, Vane is completely unprepared for all the things she tells him. Like how she's actually his guardian and they are both sylph's, controllers of the wind. Or most important of all, that he has to learn the languages of the wind before Raiden destroys them all.

Paranormal romance seems to be popular in the YA genre. There are tons of vampires and humans, angels and humans, but this is my first time being introduced to a sylph and humans. I didn't even know what a sylph was before reading this book. Anyway, I really liked this book. I loved the way that the chapters are split between Vane's and Audra's points of view. You're able to glimpse into their minds and see what they're both thinking and that makes it really easy to connect with them. Also, Vane is hilarious! There were some parts where I was giggling out loud to some of the things that he said. As annoying as he may be, he wants nothing but the best to come out of this entire thing and though he's scared, he steps up when he's called. I love that about him.

Audra's character was incredible too. She's just broken enough for it to come across as true. Her past makes her fight even harder for the future and I can totally get behind that. Sometimes I was frustrated with her because she was so dedicated to her job as guardian but it does help keep the steamy tension alive.

The book is the first in the series and the second one, Let the Storm Break, is already out for your reading pleasure. I loved the first book so much that I have already put the second on hold at my local library so I can read it this weekend.

If you're looking for a book with a good back-and-forth romance and a story about the Last Boy of his kind who must learn the four languages of the wind to defeat the Fire Nation Raiden before it's too late - then this book is right up your tornado alley.

I give it 4 out of 5 cateyes.

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