2014 Goodreads Book Challenge

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

As I'm trying to read more this year than I did last year I came across this Book Challenge while browsing Goodreads the other day. I totally admit that I'm not that outgoing when it comes to book-reading so I figured this challenge would get me reading a whole bunch of different things. 

I'm sure there will be some that I don't actually do, such as Second Chance. If I can't get through a book I'm not going to waste my time trying to. But hopefully this will push me to finally read a biography or memoir and more Sci-Fi. 

Read a "chunker" (more than 600 pages)
Young Adult fiction - The Elixir Series & Wintergirls
Accidentally watched the movie first 
Relive the magic (read a book from childhood/youth you loved and haven't read recently)
Gathering dust (had the book for years and still haven't read)
Loved by others (others are constantly praising this book)
Second chance (didn't like the first time)
Award winner - The Color Purple 
Contemporary fiction - In Perfect Light
"Adult" fiction
Lost in Translation (book originally published in a foreign language)
"Secret Santa" (book assigned to reader by another challenger)
Graphic novel
Banned book - 1984 
True crime
Current NY Times #1 Best Seller
Coverstory (a book you chose based solely on the cover image - you are not even allowed to read the description)

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