Penn & Teller Date Night

Monday, March 23, 2015

Though we've both known about Penn & Teller for a while, John and I first watched them as a couple, on the silver screen when we saw Tim's Vermeer. As a big fan of comedy, magic, and their very vocal views, John and I were excited to hear that the duo would be coming to a (Majestic) theater near us.

I just so happened to be off the same day they were performing so it was a no-brainer that we would be there.

I got all dressed up for the event even though it was supposed to rain. What's the point of going out, if you have to cover up and wear jeans?

The show started at 8 so we decided to go to Zinc Bistro & Bar to eat first. We'd eaten there for my birthday and not only is the food (and their prickly pear margarita) delicious, it's not super expensive.

Via: Zinc Bistro & Bar

I ordered their famous Zinc Burger and John got their Shrimp Po Boy. Our food came quickly so we had some time to savor and sip our drinks before it was time to start walking to the theater.

We arrived at the Majestic right on time (and a little wet since I had forgotten my umbrellie). I got another margarita before we found our seats. We waited only about ten minutes (and one selfie) before the show started.

Penn & Teller came out and started the show by asking for an audience member. I wish our seats had been closer! They actually used a lot of audience members throughout their entire show which was fun. It definitely made them improv more.

The show itself was a good mix of comedy, magic, and just random talent like fire juggling and guitar-strumming.

We were pretty far away but you're still able to revel in their illusions. The only downside to the night was this annoying ass kid whose parents sucked and just shhhed him all the time. I hate children. I think he started falling asleep towards the end though because for a while I forgot he was there.

Ideally we would have finished the night with some more drinks but I had to work the next morning so we jetted home to warm up, take off our wet clothes, and release my poor feet out of the heels I hadn't quite broken in yet.

It was such a fun night out and because we've been so busy it was a good, special date to remind us what the hell we work so hard for.

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