How I Got A Job in TV

Monday, March 02, 2015

I already wrote a post about how I discovered my love of movies but how I actually got a job in TV is something else.

I was in college and already back in San Antonio when I decided that I wanted an actual film major. Even though we have quite a few colleges in town only one offered a Film Studies major. I transferred there in 2009 after getting an associates.

Being a private school, I needed a job to help pay the more expensive tuition.

So I went on their website looking for a work study position. I was hoping for something in the library but didn't have many expectations. I was really surprised to see that they needed a video production assistant. I applied for the job and got called in for an interview with J.

I was nervous, of course. I felt that I wasn't qualified for this position because I hadn't won an Oscar yet or whatever. Anyway, I went in, blabbering and trying to sound informed. J was impressed with my knowledge and someone ended up not taking the job so it fell to me.

Our main job was to help run camera for the live sporting events but when we didn't have any scheduled, I'd be learning my way around Final Cut Pro. I would edit simple things, trying to figure out new effects and keyboard shortcuts.

I loved working for J and my work study job but the school itself was not cutting it for me. So after one semester I transferred out to get technical training at a two year college.

I was actually trying to get an Applied Science Associates in Digital Film & Media Production which is like...completely different than TV.

I know it may sound weird because TV and film are similar but they're not. I've gotten shit from douchey Film people because I work in "lowly" TV and I've gotten it from douchey TV people who think I don't understand the immediate demand for quality content.

Ugh. Yeah. Douches.

Anyway, a year later, I got a tip that one of the local TV stations was looking for a production assistant. I emailed my resume, got an interview, and found out that the interviewer and J knew each other from way back!

It was that, I'm sure, that sealed the deal. I got the job and I've been working in TV ever since.

What do I do exactly? Well, stayed tuned. The next post is all about that.

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  1. How cool! My sister, brother-in-law, AND sister-in-law all got their degrees in broadcast journalism but only one of them actually works in television. (One works in radio and one does something completely different.) It's fun to read how career paths work out!

  2. That sounds like a really interesting path, and career as well! I'm fascinated by the world of television!

  3. Thanks Rachel, it's a fun business. Especially with the changing times of TV watching.

  4. Oh wow! Your family could start their own channel. Haha. It is fun to see how people end up doing exactly what they planned or doing something completely different.

  5. Tha's so cool! I love when things work out and you're so lucky to have been in the right place at the right time (and have the right experiences as well...haha).

  6. I know! The whole concept of right-place-right-time never ceases to amaze me. There are just so many other things that could have happened!