New Year & 2 Year Anniversary

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve and Day.

This year John and I decided to stay in. It was terribly cold and rainy and our babies did NOT like the fireworks that people started popping around 9PM. At first, they snuggled on the couch as close to us as they possibly could. But as the noise increased, so did their anxiety.

Belle went to hide in a little closet we have in our bathroom and Boyboy followed us where ever we went...even the bathroom. Which, under normal circumstances, he avoids at all times because he knows that's where he gets his baths.

We would have felt bad leaving them so we ordered a pizza and some wings and watched Supernatural until about 11:30. Then we started watching Pitbull's NYE thing. Which was totally weird. Did anyone else watch it? Now, I'm not so in the dark that I've never heard of Pitbull but I couldn't tell you two songs he made. But as we watched him get out of his megayacht and perform I realized that...I know a lot of his songs. How is that even possible? I still don't know their names but I know I've heard them at the bars and on the radio.

Anyway, as the clock ticked down to midnight the fireworks rang out, the smell of sulfur permeated the air, and the smoke became so dense that it was impossible to tell it apart from the fog. John and I kissed each other in our pj's and watched some bad TV until the babies were ready for sleep.

The next day, we went to my parent's house as per tradition. We ate some turkey sandwiches, chips and dip, and took an obligatory picture in front of the Christmas tree.

That we both didn't hate.

New Year's Day is also John and my anniversary. We had made plans to go out to dinner but since we were still full from my parent's we ended up going to the stores for some work clothes John needed. The stores were completely DEAD. It was great.

We arrived home at about 8:30 and we were barely out of our car when our neighbor came up to us and told us that Boyboy had gotten out! He's dug his way out of our yard a few times but he knows that he can't go far. As long as someone opens up the gate, he comes right back in. Only this time he was nowhere to be seen. We think he got really scared from late-night firework poppers. John went out to search for him while I stayed home and put online flyers on Facebook, Craigslist, anywhere I could think of. Belle missed him so much. She was whining and not at all her usually hyper self. She was so sad.

John came back about an hour later, empty-handed. We were so sad and scared that something had happened to him. We tried to sleep but both of us slept pretty fitfully. Then at around 3AM we heard Boyboy barking in our front yard! All three of us (Belle too) got up, quick as a flash, and ran to let him inside. Belle gave him so many kisses! We fed him, dried him off, and after a while we all went to sleep. He gave us quite a scare that Boyboy.

So that's how we spent our new year's and anniversary. Like an old couple. But it was great anyway. There is nothing better than being with John, Belle, and our troublemaker - safe, sound, and all together.

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  1. Oh man, that would have been so scary when you couldn't find your dog! Glad he came back on his own, I bet that was a relief!

  2. Oh yeah definitely! On such a busy holiday too, we were very worried.