Beluga Whaling

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wet-suits are not flattering. 

I received a really cool Christmas gift this year. I got the chance to go to Sea World and interact with beluga whales.

Upon arriving I was golf-carted to a little trailer where the trainers played a short movie about beluga whales and how they are trained. 

After, we went into dressing rooms and donned wet-suits. None of the women in the dressing room had ever put one on so it took us a while. 

Then we headed over to the enclosure where we would be able to get in with the whales. There was nine people in my group but then we were split into even smaller groups so the group I was in consisted of four people, including myself. 

I like how we're all looking a different way. 

We got to interact with four different whales: two males and two females. They were so big! It was ridiculous! 

We're floating and holding fins. 

It was so much fun. The lady who took the pictures for me even managed to take a five-minute video so I have a few good keepsakes. 

This one however, was the best as it should be since their professional took it. 

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