Why I Decided to Go Back To School

Friday, September 11, 2015


I can be a pretty prideful person. So I just want to get this out of the way first.

What I said in my post The College Dilemma is true. There are a lot of things wrong with our higher education system. So many that I'm not going to rehash them here, but let me just say that even though those things are true, things aren't always black and white. Besides sometimes you need to do what everyone else is doing to get ahead in this world and for most, going to college is one of them.

Which is why I enrolled (yet again) into college. Yay?

I know that I should be happy that I'm "bettering" myself and that I'm doing what I should have finished a while ago but I've had such horrible experiences that it's taking me a while to adjust.

So why did I decide to go back?

There were two main reasons and the first is pretty shallow:

Though I'm making some money now, we're still not at the point where we can save any significant amount. It only takes a quick peek through Indeed to see that most companies require a Bachelor's degree for even the simplest of tasks. What I do now usually requires a Bachelor's degree - I was just lucky that my other experiences stood out enough to even get an interview. So I know that if I want to do something else, I need that stupid little piece of paper.

New Career Path
I think I've said before that I get bored pretty quickly. There are some things that can hold my interest for a while (Netflix, books, food) but the jobs I've had haven't really been one of them. I think it has to do with the fact that I love learning new things and I want for each and every day to be different. Though I like my job currently, it's definitely not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

John actually gave me the push I needed to go back to school. He had enrolled in the fall semester and I decided that going back to school was something that I needed to do too. I figured that it would be fun if we both go together. We're not at the same school but at least we'll both have homework to do and tests to take. It may sound totally lame but I think it will be fun sharing this experience with him since we didn't get that chance earlier in life (the way most people do).

So, that's that. I need 10 more classes to get my degree...even though I have enough credits. It's really the stupidest thing but whatever. I'm taking two classes this semester and hopefully I'll be able to graduate in a year...or so.

Wish me luck! I'm still having negative thoughts.

Did you graduate college? What did you major in? Are you currently enrolled or just doing the work thing? I want to hear all about it!

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