Past Present Future - Volume 4

Monday, August 10, 2015

So, it's been a while.

I mentioned I got a new job in the Going Through the Motions post. I am still there and I really like it. Each day is a bit different and I'm starting to learn the ins & outs of everything that happens at work. I really feel like I'm learning and I feel that it's a good place to be. So, I'm glad with my decision to leave TV. Sometimes I miss the times I'm not able to watch the newest Masterpiece Theater before everyone else but that's what Roku is for, right?

John's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. We decided to go to the Tower of the America's and eat at their fancy pants restaurant. It was a Friday so the wait to get a table was about an hour. We spent that time drinking at the bar, eating a delicious fried calamari appetizer, and talking the night away. When we finally got our table we were right along the edge - closest to the windows. The Tower restaurant rotates so every hour you've gone around once and are able to see all of San Antonio. This sounds totally fun and cool but towards the end of our meal we both started getting nauseous. It was almost the same feeling you get when you read in a car for too long. We both got salmon dishes but his was so much tastier than mine. It was a fun-fancy date night.

About four months ago, one of my grandma's became really sick. She was in the hospital for a bit and then eventually they decided to put her on hospice. We knew that she wasn't going to last much longer but we were fortunate enough to get to spend some extra time with her. This past week - she died. Yesterday was her funeral. Though it was such a sad time, it was great to see so many people who knew my granny. There were a lot of people at her wake and even at the funeral the day after. My grandma lived a long, happy life. She used to take care of me during the summer when I was out of school and both of my parents were working. We all used to call her Mommy Lola. When I was in elementary school she would walk to school to pick me up and I'd stay at her house until my dad came to get me. She was super cute and tough. She was still doing yardwork up until a few weeks before she got sick. She was strong and because she couldn't drive she walked everywhere which meant she had incredible stamina for someone her age. She was awesome.

John & I have some exciting news but that is going to get a post all its own. Stay tuned for some happy news!

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