Exciting News Revealed!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In my last post, I teased the exciting news John & I wanted to share. Well, here it is without further ado.

John & I adopted another puppy! Her name is Lana Lane and she is (now) 4 months old.

She is a lab/Yoda mix. Look at those ears!

If you're my mother, you might be wondering why we decided to adopt another dog. Well, here's the breakdown of our thought process.

First, we got Boyboy because we wanted a dog. Dogs are cute and they extend your life. Plus, we wanted an excuse to exercise daily. We found Boyboy who was old enough to be house trained and was chill enough to walk on a leash and not chase after cats. Perfect.


Second, we got Belle because we thought that Boyboy was lonely at home by himself when we were at work. Yeah, he was only alone for 4 hours but still. We didn't want him being depressed. So we got Belle who was 5 years younger and more active. Plus! She'd make him play and they would tire each other out.

Well, then we saw that Belle wasn't getting as much exercise as she needed because Boyboy is old and gets tired. We wanted a puppy for Belle. Someone who could match her energy level. Belle and the puppy could play and Boyboy could join them whenever he wasn't tired.

Well, we went to the Humane Society just looking at the dogs & puppies. We weren't even looking to bring one home. But then we went to the puppy house and we started playing with the puppies. We played with two other puppies before we chose Lana. She was actually outside by herself while they were cleaning her cage. We saw her running around the outside kennel and knew that she was perfect.

We played with her outside and we fell in love.

We brought her home.

I'd like to say that Boyboy & Belle fell instantly in love with her like we did...but that simply isn't the case. I've learned a lot from Lana that neither Boyboy or Belle had taught me. Puppies are a whole 'nother animal.

But we're three weeks in now and things are starting to go smoothly. Now there is love all around.

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