Bioshock Infinitly Amazing

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I am not a huge gamer. I like playing games but I'm not able to play them for long periods of time due to boredom and some weird inner ear thing that makes me dizzy from running around the screen all the time.

The first real game I had ever played was Bioshock 1 and 2. About 30 minutes into the first one I was hooked and that is seriously saying something as I still didn't have muscle memory for X, square, circle, and triangle or have any clue as to what they did.

I played through the first two though and absolutely fell in love with them. So when word about Infinite came out I was already counting down the days for its release. I was DEVASTED when the date got pushed back.

But finally, after what felt like years of waiting, it had arrived. And I had pre-ordered it, ready to get started on what I was sure to be another great game.

It did not disappoint.

Not only was the story unlike anything I'd ever seen before; it was something I never even thought a game could do.

The soundtrack was amazing, the graphics were amazing. Everything about this game was absolutely amazing.

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