Past Present Future - Vol 3

Monday, May 11, 2015

I took an 18 hour sleep the other night. It felt sooo good. I've been so sleepy.

Finally bought Mum her birthday/Mummy's Day present. She had been wanting an enameled casserole dutch oven like mine. They were on sale and I couldn't pass it up! Now she can make no knead breads, one pot soups, and brown and finish cooking meat in the oven. Woo!

I went and got bangs again! I look about 15 on average with them down.

I told you I bit the bullet and bought a Day Designer and I have to say that I am in love! It's pretty big, kinda heavy, and probably not going to fit into your purse but I love that there is a spot for everything. To Do, Schedule, Notes, etc. Even though I'm not that busybusy it's nice to see my days spread out so I know what I have to look forward to and I can really focus on all the things I have to do - work wise and blog wise.

I paid off another one of my loans which means I only have one more to go! I'm so excited youhavenoidea. Once that last one is paid off I'll be completely debt free! And...then I can start looking for a car. I've had my car since I was 19. She's a little beat-up, smelly, and the bumper is a different color than the rest of her but she's still running pretty smoothly so I'm not in dire need. But still, having a newer car would be nice.

I am literally counting down the days until I'm done double-jobbing. I'm really going to miss the paycheck but ohmyglob I can't wait to sleep more than 4 hours a night. I know some crazy people can live like that but I'm definitely not one of them. I should have bought stock in 5 Hour Energy because those little disgustingly flavored energy shots are basically the only thing running through my blood stream right now. And coffee. Always coffee.

Reading: Everything, Everything.
Watching: Call the Midwife, Mr Selfridge, Parenthood, Bob's Burgers
Listening to: I'm a total Anglophile and I recently found this YouTube channel called: Anglophenia which I absolutely adore. If you're interested you should look at: How To Speak British & TV Shows America Stole from Britain
Needing: To drink more water regularly.
Wanting: More dresses. Always more dresses.
Something I'm Looking Forward To: My eShakti dress to arrive.
Five Good Things That Happened This Week:

  1. We decided on a book for our Blogs, Books, and Babes book club! King Dork is first up and I can't wait to get started reading and discussing it with other bookworms. 
  2. Paid off another loan.
  3. Bought a dress off eShakti. It's blue and white gingham and I got it (with shipping) for less than 25$!
  4. Got a coupon for a free medium fountain drink from the gas station. Woo! Cherry Dr. Pepper. 
  5. Finally got Boyboy a new collar. This one is orange and hopefully won't turn his fur black like the metal one did. 

How was your week? Anything fun, interesting, or hilarious?

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