Past Present Future - Vol. 2

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I admit that I usually get to say what we watch as I'm kind of a movie snob. But on Sunday, it was all about John. He decided that I was going to watch the Fast and the Furious saga so that I can go with him to watch the seventh installment in theaters. I had seen the first one, years ago, when it first came out but not a one afterward. So John rented Fast & Furious on GooglePlay and we got about two minutes in before he realized something was off.

"That's not how it starts. I don't remember this happening in the first one."
"What do you mean it's not how it starts? You rented Fast and Furious, obviously this is how it starts. Maybe you just got mixed up?" I said.
"No...I don't think so."

Well it turns out that the first one is actually called THE Fast and THE Furious. Which is probably the stupidest thing ever. Not the title itself but that all of their titles are so similar. Anyway, we got that all settled, and watched the first one with sarcastic commentary and heavy eyeball rolling from me.

Then we watched the next one: 2 Fast 2 Furious. Then over the week we watched Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious, Fast Five, & Furious 6.

Which means that I'm all caught up! They actually weren't as bad as I originally thought. The second and third were pretty hard to get through but the ones after that were so much better. I'm actually pretty excited to see the seventh in theaters. It'll be even better seeing it on the big screen and with the awesome surround sound.

This week was also Fiesta week and I ended up getting my flower crown just like I wanted! Score!

I received my first Dress of the Month from Unique Vintage but didn't like it. Sad. I will be returning
it and anxiously awaiting next month's, which will hopefully yield better results.

I have also decided to try to get my blog more exposure and more opportunities so I signed up for a few groups and collaborators. So far, I'm just waiting.

I ordered a Day Designer planner because I have a really bad addiction to planners and office supplies in general. Even though I already have a weekly/monthly calendar, this sectioned day-to-day one just wouldn't leave my mind. But it was a bit too steep a price for me. So I waited and by the time I decided I really wanted to try it out the black and white stripe was sold out! So I bought the Gold Spotty.

And because of a misprint it's discounted. So I couldn't pass it up. I just love the idea of being able to plan my whole day and the fact that it has a gratitude section because, I totally admit, that I am a realist/pessimist at heart and I need all the help I can get. I just got it yesterday so I'll let you know what I think of it once I give it a good run.

John and I went to a friend's party at this new brewery. It was a lot of fun and the place was nothing like we expected. I cannot wait until I'm on a more regular schedule so we can frequent the place. They had board games, horse shoes, cornhole, music, and a food truck. Plus their beer is pretty good and decently priced.

Still cannot wait for our vacation. I'm definitely a vacation person and it's true that it makes work easier by having a rest in your sights.

Also, I'll be finishing my temp job soon. Huge sigh of relief. I'll be able to sleep my normal 9 hours again. Haha. But I will try to be more productive since I know just how many hours are in a day and all the things I've been able to accomplish within them. I am going to miss that extra paycheck though. Eh...we did fine before.

Reading: From A Buick 6 - Stephen King
Watching: Parenthood, Call the Midwife, Mr. Selfridge, Wolf Hall
Listening to: Still lovin' my Valerie June Pandora station.
Needing: To go grocery shopping.
Wanting: A new dress.
Something I'm Looking Toward To: I'm having lunch with an old friend this week at (plus!) a place I've never been to before. I love trying new places.
Five Good Things That Happened This Week: 

  1. I got my Fiesta flower crown. 
  2. My Day Designer came in.
  3. I got free food from work for working one of the Fiesta parades. Yes! 
  4. A girl at work donated her Keurig to us. Double yes! Fresh coffee all the time. 
  5. One of my friends/co-worker called me a strong woman. Thrice yes!

So how was your week? What was the thing you loved the most about it?

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