Japanese Boxwood Baby Bushes

Friday, April 10, 2015

I've been saying for about a year now that I would like to start a garden and really start taking better care of our lawn and backyard. Well, about two weeks ago we decided to start making our house look cuter by planting some baby Japanese Boxwood bushes. You've probably seen these bushes around before. They're great for pruning into interesting shapes.

They grow really full and dense which is another reason we picked these. Our neighbor kids are constantly throwing stuff into our yard and trying to poke our dogs through the chain link so once they grow it'll be harder for them to do all those annoying things.

We got our bushes at a Lowes sale. They were 3 for 10$ so they are super tiny. We know that with the great soil we have they'll grow in no time.

We bought the bushes on a Sunday but by the time we got back home it was already too dark to plant them so John planted them when I was working the next day. You have no idea how much I love him for sparing me this grueling work. Our side yard or whatever it's called was a bit of a mess.

First he had to clear out all the debris and rocks that were in there. Dead leaves, trash, weeds, old roots, whatever.

Japanese Boxwoods

Then he trimmed the trees that are already growing there. We have an orange tree that hadn't been trimmed in a while. We don't eat them because they are really sour so we never knew that the tree has HUGE thorns. Apparently thorns on citrus trees is a common thing which was a surprise to me. So that's what most of those branches are from.

This is what the finished product looks like. Because our dogs like to dig we had to add the fencing around the edge so the bushes have a chance to grow. Eventually, we'll be able to take it off.

They look so cute and the area looks so nice and clean. I can't wait until they grow.

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