My Favorite Movies to Watch in October

Friday, October 10, 2014

When October comes around, everything starts to feel better. The holidays are upon us. My birthday is drawing near. The weather is cooler. It's all around a great month. 

Of course the biggest draw to October is Halloween. I'm not a big scary/horror movie fan but there are some movies that I just have to watch in October to get into the spooky spirit. 

Here they are in no particular order.


I'm actually not that big a fan of Tim Burton but I love Corpse Bride. I think that Emily is awesome and so much more interesting than Victoria. I feel that Victor and Emily would have been happy together so the end is always a little sad for me. I tell you, sometimes I associate and sympathize with the totally wrong person in movies. But anyway, the songs are awesome, the tone is dark and long-limbed. It just makes me think of Halloween. 


I'm a big fan of thrillers and suspenseful movies. I hate newer horror movies because they're all gory and the plot sucks. The Orphange is actually a Spanish film so there will be some reading but it's definitely worth it. When I watched it with Mum & Da we all loved it. The timing is great and keeps you on the edge of your seat. But more importantly, the plot is actually developed and the characters have dimension. 


My love for Hitchcock is no secret. This movie is a classic and should be watched at least once in your life. John hasn't seen it yet, so I think we'll have to settle in, make popcorn and watch it in the dark. If you like more modern movies, you'll probably find this one slow and a bit disappointing but I love it. It was also one of my favorite movies to write about and dissect when I was taking film classes. 


Along with my love of suspense and thrillers I love when the scary thing is something real. There is nothing scarier than meeting your number one fan who lives in a cabin in the woods. Sometimes people are crazy and they can be seriously scary. 


Leonardo & Scorsese are the best duo in showbiz (in my opinion) and I love their thriller, Shutter Island. Another thriller with a great plot and perfect timing. Along with awesome cinematography, great acting from DiCaprio & Mark Ruffalo, and superb directing the only thing that makes it better is the great storyline.  


This movie was mostly advertised as a dark drama. So I went in not knowing what it was about. It left me completely flabbergasted and icky feeling. After you watch it, you wonder if people turn into who they are because of nature or nurture. This movie scared me so I'm going to count it in this lineup. 

What are some of your favorite Halloween/October movies? Did any of yours make my list? Do you have a suggestion for a movie I might like? Leave them in the comments! 

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