Two Tons of Fun

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This past Monday I had off.

I wanted to do something other than sit at home and continue my non-stop Fringe marathon. I mean, I wanted to sit and watch Fringe but I thought that maybe going out would be more...beneficial. 

A fan of San Antonio Swing Dance Society on Facebook I saw that Two Tons of Steel would be playing at Sam's Burger Joint. Perfect! Rockabilly swing music and alcohol. 


I donned my new favorite dress: turquoise and polka dots. I have this crazy obsession with polka dots. I put on some pearls, red lipstick and some heels. I even did my hair. I was super excited because I had finally done a cute pincurl! But alas, I forgot to take a picture of it.

You can't see the curl but this was the only good picture I got of myself.

I hadn't been to their swing night in about two years so it was fun to see how much it had grown. There were tons of people. They were old, young, and every age in between just dancing, jiving, finger wagging.

We tried dancing ourselves during one of the faster numbers but...that did not turn out so well.
I blame him.

John and I made a pact to learn how to swing dance.

The crazy twists, twirls, and jumps aren't allowed during the normal dancing session for safety and spatial reasons but they do have a set time where people form a circle and are then able to dance all kinds of crazy.

Then, for special occasions the person of interest starts dancing in the center of the circle and people go switch out partners to dance.

It was very fun to see. Then, I ended up dancing with someone who was really good at it.

He basically gave me an intro to swing lesson. It was pretty embarrassing and humiliating considering I have no rhythm whatsoever.

But all in all it was a fun night.

Here's a video of Two Tons of Steel. Give them a listen!

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