SXSW 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Monday Jacki, John, and I went to Austin to get into their SXSW festivities. For those who don't know what SXSW is - it stands for South by Southwest and you can go here to read up all about it.

It took us FOR-EV-VER to find parking. Then, because none of us are real Austinites (?) we didn't really know where anything was. We all had only ever been to 6th Street

We wandered around for a bit and didn't really see anything worthwhile for free. That's really the only reason we went up...SXSW gives out a lot of free things. Free food, free merch, free beer, free liquor. Now though with all this technology and the fact that everyone has a phone, you have to RSVP to a lot of them to get in. 

We did manage however to secure us a spot at Javelina where they had a Will Call show and an open bar for an hour. 


We had a lot of fun.

And a few drinks. 
One of the fun things about SXSW, and I guess any festival like that, is the fact that you end up meeting a whole bunch of people because you're all crowded into the same area, drinking the same free booze and trying to snag a table. 

Jacki and Mike. We didn't know Mike. 

Or Jim. 
Or these girls. 

But it was a big bunch of fun nonetheless. 

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