Ranger Creek Brewery & Distillery

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Today, Robert and I decided to continue distending our beer bellies by visiting Ranger Creek's open house.

If only there was button for photobombs. 

Ranger Creek is actually in San Antonio but neither one of us had ever been. So we drove out to their cute, little brewery on the east-ish side of town and got lost for 10 minutes. Then, when we finally arrived we saw that they was a choice of either sampling 3 beers or 2 beers and their bourbon. I went the 3 beer route while Robert went the beer and bourbon route.

In one of their mega refrigerators one of their employees went through all the stages of "Bourbon Tasting" including the four stages: appearance, smell, taste, finish. Or something like that. It was very informative and even though I didn't try it I learned about it.

Then we got our first sip of their samplings.

It seems that almost everyone there were veterans of RC and knew that being such a small space you had to bring your own foldy chairs. People were scattered throughout the brewery in groups and clumps just drinking and having a lazy Saturday. Outside they had set up some tents and that's where we ended up (with all the other people who were not aware of the BYOC rule.)

The second beer we got was not my favorite. All I could taste was the banana. It reminded me of banana taffy.

To get the banana taste out of my mouth we decided to "cleanse our palate" with some tasty food from the food trucks they had their specifically for the event.

The Rolling Pig SA

They were delicious and just sweet and spicy enough. With only one ticket left for myself I decided to get their most known. 

Besides the fact that it was a million degrees outside it was a very nice and pleasant way to spend the day. Drinking beer, listening to music, and eating tasty food truck specialties.

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