New Orleans, Day 3

Friday, September 21, 2012

Our last day! We have to make the most of it. Do everything we didn't have a chance to do before. Everything must get done today!

And so we started out a bit late, slow at getting up and basically walking breezily around taking in the fact that we had so much left to do and only one more day to get it done.

During the month of August, New Orleans was doing this restaurant special offer all around town. Tons of prix fixe menus and discounts. Because of that we ended up at a restaurant that would have been a bit out of our price range but instead fit in perfectly.

And we both got a burger. Ha. But still the burgers were delicious. (You would think with all the Bourdain, Zimmern, and Richmond I watch I'd have better adjectives for food other than delicious). Mine was juicy and though I don't usually like any sort of mayonnaise their special blend made the burger just a tad bit creamy and melty into the savory bun. Robert's burger had an egg and some foie gras. I'm not a fan of egg on my burger. I don't like yolks very much so putting it on my already perfect burger just makes it nearly-perfect. I was curious to taste the foie gras though. It was fatty and gooey. I found out that I didn't like the consistency no matter how expensive that duck is. Robert did though so that is all that matters.

Again, trying to burn off some of the extra calories we had consumed we made our way down to the Mississippi River. I wanted to take a barge onto it and see what it had to offer but we couldn't really find it. We contented ourselves with just staring longingly across the water.

Then that night...

We finally did Bourbon Street!!!

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