Arlington Vacation: Day 1

Friday, August 10, 2012

This week my family (Dad, Mom, and brother) and I went on our traditional family vacation. 

For three years now we have been going to Arlington to visit and ride all the roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas. But because this is Texas and it's always like 1000 degrees outside we try to find other cooler things to do. And by cooler I mean somewhere with AC.

This year we decided to actually travel to downtown Dallas and see what there was to do. The first thing we ended up doing was visiting the Dallas Holocaust Museum. The museum was very sad with all the articles, artifacts, and pictures around.

Reminds me of The Boy in the Stripes Pajamas

What was thoughtful about the museum itself was the way you toured around. Everyone was given a small walkie talkie type machine. By each picture or article was a number. You typed the number into your walkie talkie then held it up to your ear like a cell phone while the pre-recorded message explained what you were looking at.

It was interesting to travel through the museum that way because it kept the entire museum quiet and reverent. Also, you weren't forced to travel in any one direction so you were able to dodge the crowded glass with 20 people in front of it and come back to it later.

After about an hour and a half of touring the museum we decided to try to find our way to the Dallas Farmer's Market.

Wish we had one like this.

Even though we visited on a Monday there was still a bunch of people selling their produce.

I would have loved to see it on a weekend when there are a lot more produce, jewelry, food, and craft goods vendors but it was still interesting to see. And tasty.

We bought some apples, lemons, peanuts, bananas and a mango on a stick. They had tons of different types of fruits and vegetables that I had never really seen before.

Such as those purple things. What are they?!

After our quick farmer's market trip we rushed over to the National Scouting Museum. Yes, I'm aware of how lame that may sound but it was actually really interesting and fun. My brother being a Boy Scout really wanted to see it. 

Far beyond my expectations; the museum was not only informative but fun as well. 
With a toy gun range.

And Norman Rockwell paintings. 

On our first day I also made sure to get my customary (read mandatory) Slurpee. Oh my glob those are so much better than Icee.

Can Dr. Pepper get any better? Yes, in Slurpee form. 

By the time we had finished touring the Scouting Museum and shoving my brother out of their gift shop we were hungry and started heading back to our hotel.

Every year we eat pizza on our first day from this one place called New Yorker Pizza. Not only is it good, big, and cheap but it's nearby our hotel and the WalMart we usually visit but didn't get around to this year.

We ate pizza and salad in our hotel room while my Brother and Dad watched Pawn Stars (they don't have cable in their house so they eat it up wherever they can).

Then because my mom doesn't ride rides and I had some work to do on my laptop only my Brother and Dad went to Six Flags with an hour left before closing. That's one of the things we love about having season passes and visiting every year; we don't have to stay out in the heat all day. We go to the park when it gets darker and there are less people. In that one hour they were able to get on four different rides. So it was very worth it.

We all fell asleep about midnight in our super cold hotel room.

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