Better Late Than Never

Monday, May 07, 2012

Working overnights means that you search the internet from one end to the other, every two hours or so. After fifteen minutes of Pinterest and two seconds of Facebook, I'm Stumbling my way through blogs, comics, tutorials, and videos. Then, I get depressed because with access to all this information it makes my life feel...lame. Like I'm wasting away the best years of my life only looking through blogs, comics, tutorials, and videos of other's lives instead of living my own. 

I read somewhere once (probably on one of these StumbleUpon trips I take every weekend) that all this technology inundates us so much that people are getting more depressed the more connected we are. I never understand this as much as when I'm working overnights. In the day, I check-in on Foursquare, see what's up on Facebook, answer a few text messages every so often but at night I get to see the minutes slowly tick away.



So instead of getting depressed I'm going to do something about it. I only work three and a half days a week. I have a camera and a car. I have no kids and the only pressing responsibilities I have are my bills and my student loans. I don't usually have money but I think with some budgeting I can scrounge some up.  I haven't really kept in touch with many people from the many different parts of my past but I think that the more I do (as in action) the more I'll eventually end up talking to those that meant something in the first place. And the more I do new things the more new people I'll meet. 

I know there will be those of you who think "What an idiot. Grow up; You're an adult now. You sound like a high schooler with your dreams and your naivete." I don't blame you. I hear myself and I sound like a toddler proud of bringing a random mess of colors to hang on the refrigerator. Truthfully, if I saw this of someone else I'd be thinking the same things too. But even with my love of all things technology: Netflix, Wiki, Blogspot among them, it weighs us down. It keeps us from living life by falsely making us believe we ARE living. 

I love the internet, don't get me wrong. When I don't have the money to hop a flight to India typing it into Google allows me access to their way of life, their culture, their food, better pictures than I could ever take of the Taj Mahal.  

But it's just a glimpse. If I have the means to do something, why wouldn't I organize my life so that I am able to do it? Yeah, I might not have the money now but with some financial restraint and a good credit card all the things I witness online can become things I've done. Plus, there are many things that aren't thousands of dollars. Some with the help of technology can become just one other thing to cross off the list. 
The resources on the internet are amazing to aid in living your life not as a replacement for it. 

Without further ado then: my Bucket List (I hate that name). The list won't be numbered and the top one won't necessarily mean it's my most favored. Each and every experience is wanted, in any order they come in. 

Go kayaking. 
Travel: Everywhere. Anywhere. 
Visit all 50 states.
See the Aurora Borealis. 
Finish my sleeve. 
Plant a garden. 
Learn to swing dance.
Weld something.
Learn to change my car's oil.
Learn to change a tire. 
Work on a feature film/TV series.
Own a dog.
Eat at a restaurant owned by Rick Bayless (and hopefully meet him).
Visit the Louvre.
Ride in a gondola.  
Ride a camel. 
Climb the Sydney bridge. 

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